Spend Your Holidays In India And Get Fascinated With Its Unlimited Temptations

India is considered as one of the most popular holiday destinations of world. There are several picturesque locations in India to spend holidays in unique way. Indian holiday destinations provide you a difference and pleasant experience from other destinations of the world. During your holidays in India you will have an excellent opportunity to visit beautiful tourist locations and attractions of India. Places of tourist attractions in India always have attracted tourists from all over the world. India is a land of versatility and diversity. When you will be on India holiday tours, you can observe diversity in all realms whether it is its geography, culture & tradition, people or languages. These diversities attract tourists from all over the world for traveling in India.

We are discussing about spending holidays in India. Let’s, at first, we discuss about why tourists prefer to spend their holidays. One of the main reason behind this is there are perhaps all types destinations fulfilling all desires of every types of tourists. Snow covered mountain peaks, blazing deserts, lush greens landscapes, picturesque locations, magnificent forts & palaces, lovely lakes, rich culture & heritage, breathtakingly beautiful beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, adventure & sports spots, beautiful hill stations and many more what not India tourism has? In fact, it presents a wide range of destination for spending holidays. No any where in the world one can find these attractions and such a wide range of in a single country.

Some of most popular travel destinations of India where tourists from all around come to spend there holidays are Rajasthan – the land of kings, Kashmir – the paradise on the earth, Ladakh – little Tibet, Kerala – God’s own country, Goa – the land of Sun, Sand & Sea, Himachal Pradesh – known for breathtaking hill stations, Delhi, Mumbai, Banaglore, Mysore, etc. Ayurveda and wildlife of India also attract a large gathering of travellers to the country.

Spending India holidays can be more joyful and pleasant if you embark on India tours by themes and choose right tour and travel package. For traveling in India in more and more appropriate way, you may go with travel agents or tour operators of India who offer attractive holiday packages in India based on theme, such heritage holiday, Ayurveda and spa holidays, cultural holidays, adventure holidays, beach holidays, shopping holiday, luxury holiday, etc. If you too want to enjoy India holiday tours, choose your theme and contact any experienced travel agent or tour operator and inform them about your interest so that they can customize India tours according to your needs and requisites. You can also choose tailor-made India travel package for your tours and travels.

The Basics of Holiday Party Planning

Throughout the year, there are many opportunities to host holiday parties for friends and family. What could be a better way to show those closest to us how much we appreciate them. Holiday party planning takes a bit of preparation, so let’s get started.

First, when it comes to which holiday might be best for hosting a large get together, you have lots of choices, depending on your schedule and what type of party you would like to throw.

Different holidays traditionally include different types of events. For example, 4th of July or Memorial Day parties are usually outdoors, such as a barbecue, pool party or picnic at a local park.

Thanksgiving parties are typically dinner parties, Christmas parties are cocktail or reception type parties, while New Year’s Eve run the gamut of anything from dinner parties to theme parties.

Planning a holiday party is similar to planning any other type of social event. The first step is always deciding on a budget. The budget determines how many people you can host and the menu options.

Once the budget is set, next is the guest list. When making the guest list, consider both the space available for the event and if there are enough tables and chairs for everyone. Renting additional tables, chairs, linens or even plates and glassware is always an option, but do so in advance to avoid any last minute scrambling for supplies.

One of the main differences with a holiday party is usually there are other activities or celebrations going on around the same time which will require your attention. For example, during the Christmas season additional tasks might include holiday decorating, shopping for presents and other traditional Christmas activates, all in additional to your holiday party planning. If you find you’re running short on time, you can always hire someone to assist you in anything from housekeeping to catering to even personal shopping.

Holiday parties can be anything from a casual potluck or pizza party to a grand, sit down dinner. The traditional approach is to purchase party supplies, such as decorations, to match the holiday, however if you’re feeling adventurous, add a unique theme to your party. The 4th of July barbeque becomes a day in the old west or Valentine’s Day could take on the theme from a romantic classic film such as “Casablanca.” Incorporate the theme into the invitations, music, food, decorations and even ask to guest to dress in corresponding attire.

Parties are a great time to relax and enjoy life. The best holiday parties always involve a little creativity, good food and the company of those closest to you. So next holiday, take a little extra time to celebrate by throwing a fabulous party.

6 Don’t Drop While You Shop Holiday Survival Techniques

1.) Get out of those tight fitting shoes

Shopping long hours requires comfortable shoes. When your feet hurt, the pain shows on your face making you look tired, irritable and maybe frumpy. Keep low-heeled comfortable shoes in your car and wear them when you’re dashing around the mall looking for that hard-to-find compote Aunt Helen requested.

2.) Recharge your energy levels

The holidays are supposed to be fun-filled events that create long-lasting memories but if you’re too tired to care, why not fortify your energy reserves with a potent vitamin combination of Vitamin C and potassium. Grab a glass of orange juice and a banana before you head out and feel positively super-charged for hours.

3.) Stop thinking sugar

Sugary foods will sap your facial beauty causing you to look withdrawn and gray. Cookies, cakes and candy are in plentiful supply every holiday season and if you give in to these temptations, not only will unwanted pounds linger on your hips, you may not look as sensational in that expensive dress you splurged on months ago.

4.) Grab your mate instead of your plate

Marathon parties equal too many calories and rather than chowing down at every event, grab your sweetie and get away from the food. Hit the dance floor, engage others in conversation, or try a sing-along; any activity that will keep your fingers out of the food will keep your figure in check come January 2nd.

5.) Not another glass of holiday cheer!

Overindulging in adult beverages can really pack on the pounds not to mention when you look in the mirror, your face spells d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r. A whirlwind round of parties can make your face puffy and older looking so a good rule of thumb this holiday season: For every glass of wine, drink two glasses of water to flush out those simple carbs.

6.) Keep up your exercise routine

Madly dashing around the mall may add steps to your pedometer but are you slacking off much needed cardio and resistance training that positively shapes your hips, tummy, waist and thighs? And, what about facial exercises that keep your double chin and hooded eyes from showing? By exercising from head to toe, you won’t have to add “Start an exercise routine” to your New Year’s Resolutions.