7 Steps to Shopping for the Perfectly “You” Wedding Dress

1. Clarify: Define your aisle style. Collect images, labeling each with what you do and don’t like. Consider what will look best on you over what is the trend- those wedding photographs will be with you for life (80’s puff sleeves, ’nuff said).

2. Time It: Most dresses are made to order, so it is advisable to begin shopping 6 months- 1 year in advance. Shop only when you are ready to find and buy it. Finding the dress of your dreams and later discovering that it’s no longer availableis the fast track to a bridezilla-worthy-roar.

3. Where to go: Research bridal shops in your area- but also consider unconventional options like vintage shops, wearing a family heirloom wedding dress, or having your gown custom made (especially if you are a budget, eco-minded, or alternative-taste bride). Wherever you go, make an appointment first! Visit shops during the week if at all possible, since they will be less busy than on the weekend.

4. Who to Bring: Hit the town, but don’t shop with too big of a posse. What happened to the bride who brought 12 people shopping with her? Epic meltdown. Limit your guests to 2-3 whose opinions you value and who respect your tastes.

5. Prep for It: When trying on wedding gowns, bring a strapless bra, hair tie, shoes of the approximate height that you will be wearing, and if needed, a shaping garment like spanx. Most importantly, bring a smile on your face. Being nice goes a long way for having the best experience. You get what you give out- capiche?

6. Find It: In most designer salons, you are going to be brought dresses to try on. Have an open mind about trying on, all dresses look different on the hanger. Taking suggestions about what styles suit you can lead to finding the best dress for your shape. Don’t hesitate to clarify your’ vision if you are not seeing what you want.

7. Make It Yours: Get your gown professionally altered and customized. Do this 1-4 months prior to your wedding date, timing depends on seamstress availability and if your size is still fluctuating, you’ll want to wait until as close to the wedding date as possible. Personalize your gown by add a belt, dyeing the inner tulle a fun color, or with fun hair accessory or statement jewelry.

You’re set. Rock that aisle, girl!

Importance Things to Keep In Mind While Buying Wedding Dresses

The idea of getting married is exciting in itself. Wedding is one of the most important events in the life of a person. And, when it is such an important day in one’s life, you would want every aspect of the wedding to be perfect including the wedding dress. Every bride has thought of how she wants her wedding dress to be. Colour and style can depend on the religion of the bride and the groom. In Western culture, brides choose white wedding dress. This was made popular by Queen Victoria in the 19th century. In eastern cultures, brides choose red as that is considered auspicious. The wedding dress is something that you are going to cherish for your lifetime.

As excited as you might be about buying your dress, there are a few things that one needs to remember while buying the dress.

• Have a clear picture of how you want your wedding dress to be like. Once you go to the shop, every wedding dress will seem pretty. Tell your designer how you want your dress to be and don’t be tempted by every dress.

• Do not take too many people along while shopping for the dress. Different people have different opinions. Some might like a dress which the others don’t. Take along one or two of your friends or family member who know you better. This way you can find the gown that you have always dreamt of and not feel confused and pressurised by others.

• Book an appointment. Scheduling an appointment means that you will get a complete hour of undivided attention. You might not be lucky to find a salesperson who is not busy at that moment.

• Go shopping on weekdays. People usually shop during weekends and you will be surrounded amongst a huge crowd where every bride or bridesmaid will be looking for that perfect dress. Skip work on a weekday and go shopping and you will be getting more attention from the salesperson.

• Be aware of your body type and shop accordingly. Knowing your body type – pear, full, thin, petite is the first step in finding the perfect dress for yourself. You might lose some weight for your wedding. Tell your designer what you have in mind and get the dress accordingly.

• Be aware of the hidden costs. Ask the salesperson not only about the cost of the dress but also about the extra costs that might add up with the alterations or the veil or headpiece that you plan on wearing.

We hope that this article will provide enough information about wedding dresses. So, when you buy one for yourself, you will choose the best one following the guide we have provided.

Wedding Dress 101

Shopping for your wedding dress is both exciting and nerve racking.  The first thing you should do is look through a few bridal magazines. Get on the internet and go through some photos. Print out and clip out dresses that you like or things about the dress you like. Bring these with you as they will be helpful information for your bridal dress consultant.

Already found the dress of your dreams? Well hold on, I don’t want to disappoint you but just because you look at a picture and fall in love with the dress doesn’t mean that the dress is for you.  You could try it on and it could look complete wrong on your body type.  Don’t get discouraged try other dresses that are similar but maybe have a different cut to them or detailing.  The key to not being disappointed is to keep your mind open when you are dress shopping.

First know your wedding dress terminology:

ball gown

high neck
spaghetti straps


corset bodice




beach casual bohemian

Here is some advice to take with you when you start to shop for your wedding dress:    

  1. Start looking right away. It takes a minimum of 4 months to get your wedding and bridesmaid’s dresses. Remember you will have at least 2 fitting.
  2. Save, Save and Save. Your wedding dress is going to be minimum of $1,000  unless you have time to go to David’s Bridal and camp out at 4 am to get into the door on the biggest sale day they have once a year.   Even then there is no guarantee you will walk out with your dream dress.
  3. As for sizes, if you wear and 8 in regular clothing, you will probably wear a 12 or 14 in a wedding dress.  I know it is kind of depressing.
  4. Don’t take the world with you.  The more people you have the more stressful it will be.  Bring one or two trusted people in your life.
  5. Bring a digital camera.  Take several pictures from many angels of you in each dress. This will help you later when you are picking out your shoes, jewelry and head piece.
  6. Keep an open mind. Even if there is a style you think you hate, try it on anyway. You would be surprised.
  7. You will and should try on many dresses.
  8. Don’t panic if you don’t find a dress the first time out.  Shopping for a wedding dress is very stressful.
  9. And last but not least, have your favorite bottle of wine in the fridge for when you get home – trust me your going to need it.

Try to have fun and remember it’s your day!